Women's Belts will never again be neglected!

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If there is one thing we love... Its belts! (Belts for Women to be exact). but it feels like they are the most neglected fashion accessory in the world!!

Our mission is to bring to belts the same excitement and thrill-of-the-hunt that is associated with shopping for shoes and bags.

We all buy belts to breathe new life into our favorite outfits, make bold fashion statements or to sculpt and shape our figure. Despite their vitality, women’s belts remain an afterthought to most retailers. You often find belts hanging sadly on lifeless "help yourself" belt racks, resulting in a tedious somewhat boring shopping experience.

That’s where we come in- In 2012 we decided to do something about this obvious oversight and created a personalized shopping experience focused on women’s belts because we believe whole-heartedly that women deserve a better shopping experience. We started offering an exclusive collection of belts for women- including leather belts and fabulous belt buckles, wide waist belts, skinny belts, stretch belts and much more...

We helped thousands of women discover their passion for belts, and have helped them utilize belts to transform an outfit or accentuate their figure by selecting the perfect style, width and color.

KeepYourPantsOn.com has given us the opportunity to bring our passion for belts to women around the world. As the first-ever and still the ONLY retailer for women’s belts, we proudly offer indie designers, hard-to-find micro-brands, artisan belt buckles, handmade belts and much more.

Women's Belts is our passion! and we hope to inspire you to have as much fun with them as we do.

We would love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line by Contacting Customer Care.

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